Business Practices

Our Mission

Miracle Chemicals prides themselves as being one of the leading chemical suppliers in the market place, providing our customers with quality of service as well as excellent products. Our mission is to maintain credibility and our reputation within the Chemical Industry. We will continue to take pride in our employees and provide them with any necessary training and incentive plans to ensure that innovation, motivation and enthusiasm are maintained. Management is committed to providing the Company with all the support, time, effort and funding to guarantee that the Company vision is met.

Quality and Safety

In order to demonstrate our long term desire to be recognised as a preferred supplier in the field of chemical cleaning products to our clients we have implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9OO1: 2000 Code of Practice.

Management and employees are committed to comply with the requirements and furthermore to create a culture of continuous improvement which will be mutually beneficial to our clients and our company. SHE requirements are met through the implementation of our Safety, Health and Environmental Management System which has been integrated to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and ISO 14001:1996

We also strive to create awareness in the food industry by addressing areas of food safety, health and hygiene.

Environmental compatibility of products

The products supplied by Miracle Chemicals are formulated from raw materials which are considered to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable when used at the recommended dilutions. By biodegradable is meant biodegradation which is the degradation and assimilation of organic compounds by the action of living organisms on raw materials exposed to the environment, the principal organisms being fungi and bacteria.

It is important to note that biodegrability pertains to organic compounds as only these will ultimately be degraded to form Carbon Dioxide and water, giving rise to a breakdown of compounds that do not have an adverse effect on the environment.

Therefore the raw materials used in the Miracle Chemicals range of products are selected carefully to comply with Miracle's strict requirements of biodegrability and hence producing products which are considered to be environmentally friendly.

Safe use of products in the Food Industry

All H-range chemical products are safe for use in the food industry and comply with the requirements of SABS Standards 1828 (Cleaning chemicals for the food industry) and 1853 (Disinfectants for use in the food industry). These products have been developed with the Health and Safety requirements in mind, both for local sellers and exporters, including Global Gap Certified producers, and are suitable for managing pack house cleanliness and hygiene.

Black Economic Empowerment

We aim to continue to be recognised as a black empowered entity, functioning within the standards of Global Conformity Services.

Miracle Chemicals is proud to announce that we are Black Economically Empowered Level 4 (100% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level): Sworn Affidavit available for perusal.