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Our Products
Please select one of the categories below to view our products in that category. You can also download our product list in Microsoft Word format here.

Aerosols Sanitation Kitchens Miscellaneous
Office Workshop Laundry Fruit Packhouses

Air Fresheners
  Available in Apple, Cherry, Lavender, Honey Suckle & Herbal
Weed Killer (Granular)
Weed Killer (Liquid)
Alluminum Cleaner
Barrier Cream
  Battery Terminal Cleaner
Car Polish
Car Wash & Wax
Cutting Oil
  Chlorinated Powder Degreaser
Concrete Cleaner - Acid
Chain Lube
Dashboard Cleaner - Silicone
  Decarbonised Degreaser, Paint Stripper
Electrical Contact Cleaner - Non Flammable
Hand Cleaner - Smooth (White)
Hand Cleaner - Granular
  Available in Blue, Almond & Red
Heavy Duty Degreaser - Pink
  High Pressure Cleaner
Oil Based Degreaser
Paint Stripper
Penetrating Oil
Paraffin Degreaser
Yellow / White Powder Degreaser
Rust Remover
Water Based Degreaser
Tyre Paint - Clear or Black

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